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Accessories To Protect & Maintain Your Mobile Device

While most of us depend on technology such as cell phones and tablets for our day-to-day life, many people completely neglect their devices, ultimately ending in the need for repairs or sometimes a completely new phone. At Cellular Nerd, a local cell phone/tablet/iPhone repair shop in the Florida Panhandle, we see a lot of damaged devices. Today, we’re discussing the various accessories that you can purchase to help protect and maintain your device. Have additional questions about accessories or our cell phone repair services near you? Feel free to reach out to Cellular Nerd, we’re always happy to help.

Cell Phone Case

Although a case can make your cell phone a bit more “bulky” it is certainly worth the protection provided. There are many phone cases for virtually any model of device you are using. We recommend doing quite a bit of research and comparing the various cases available for the specific phone you may be using. What may be best for a Samsung Note may not be the best option for someone using an iPhone or different device.

Screen Protector

Want to ensure your screen doesn’t get scratched, cracked or otherwise damaged? Screen protectors are an affordable and effective way to provide extra protection for your device’s screen. Just like with the phone cases, we recommend doing your research prior to selecting a screen protector for your mobile device. Cellular Nerd also carries many screen protectors in stock and can help you select the best one for your device model.


Along with it being unsafe to drive around holding your mobile device or having it fly around your car, a car mount can actually protect your device as well. While it may not seem like a big deal to have your cell phone fly across the dash, it can actually cause damage to the tiny components located inside your device. Over time, these small bumps and falls can lead to your device working improperly.

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While there are many other accessories that can help with using your device, we find these to be the most helpful in avoiding damage and repairs. In the event you damage your cell phone, iPad, tablet or iPhone, feel free to reach out to Cellular Nerd. We provide repairs from Miramar Beach to Pensacola Beach and would be happy to come to your rescue.