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Common iPad Problems & How We Can Help

Has your iPad recently started experiencing issues? Wondering how exactly to fix them? Think you may need an expert?

Apps Keep Crashing

Are you trying to use certain apps on your iPad like Chrome and it keeps crashing, preventing you from doing what you need to do? This can be a common, yet frustrating occurrence that can happen to pretty much anyone. Sometimes clearing the cache fixes it, sometimes you need to reinstall the app, sometimes it can be something completely different.

If you need help getting the apps on your iPad to work, feel free to reach out to the experts at Cellular Nerd, we would be more than happy to come to your rescue.

WiFi Won’t Connect

Having trouble connecting to a new network? Can’t connect to the same network you always connect to? When it comes to Wifi and iPads, there are some issues that can arise. Sometimes restarting your device can help, sometimes you need to restart your actual router, other times it can be something completely different.

If you need assistance getting your iPad Wifi to properly work, reach out to Cellular Nerd, we would be happy to come to your rescue!

iPad Screen Freezes

Has your iPad screen started to go slowly or completely freeze all together at times? We understand how frustrating it can be when your iPad freezes. This can occur due to hardware or software issues and may be quite difficult to fix depending upon the exact reason.

We recommend contacting an expert at Cellular Nerd to properly diagnose and address your issue with your iPad screen freezing.

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