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Common Tablet Issues: Can Cellular Nerd Can Help?

When it comes to having mobile devices such as phones and tablets, quite a few things can go wrong, leading to a range of issues for the user. At Cellular Nerd, we frequently see tablet problems that are quite common. Some of these issues can be easily fixed, while others may require an expert. Today, we’re covering common tablet problems and how you can get them fixed so your device is in working order. Have additional questions? Ready to schedule an appointment? We would be happy to help with any of your needs, just give us a phone call.

Tablet Won’t Turn On/Off

Trying to turn your tablet on or off? Button not working? This can be a common issue, we recommend holding the power button down for 8 seconds and then releasing it. This can offen fix the problem and reboot the device.

Tablet Is Frozen

Were you using your tablet when all of the sudden everything froze? This can be quite annoying, however, also somewhat common. As mentioned above, try holding your power button down for 8 seconds. If that doesn’t work, try waiting 12 minutes and trying again.

Touchscreen Won’t Work

When it comes to tablets, the majority of them are touchscreen. When the touchscreen feature is no longer working, the tablet basically becomes a paper weight. Try charging your tablet to see if it is a battery related issue, if not it may require professional services to repair the touchscreen.

My Tablet Won’t Charge

Tablet no longer holding a charge? Won’t charge at all? Not sure if it is the battery, cable or something else? We recommend trying a different charging cable if possible. If that doesn't work, a professional may be required to provide repairs.

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