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Extending The Battery Life of Your Device

When it comes to owning a mobile device such as an iPhone, tablet, iPad or cell phone, many of us wish the battery could last forever. I mean seriously, who has time to charge their phone more than once a day? Today, Cellular Nerd, a local repair shop in the Florida Panhandle will be discussing the battery life of your device and how you can extend it. Have additional questions? Interested in repairs? Feel free to reach out to Cellular Nerd, we’re always happy to help those in need.

Extending Your Device Battery Life

So you want to save as much of that battery power as possible throughout the day? We completely understand! Here are some tips on how you can extend your daily battery life.

Use Your Device Less

While this one may seem obvious, we all spend a lot of time on our devices these days. Having your device active can put a huge drain on your battery due to the screen brightness and power needed to run the apps you may be using.

Adjust Your Screen Brightness

Many Android devices and iPhones these days have adaptive screen brightness, allowing you to focus less on your battery and more on using your device. If you find this setting to be annoying, adjusting it yourself is also an option. Your screen being on and bright can be a huge battery drain.

Turn Off Features You Do NOT Need

Not using your bluetooth? Don’t need your location settings on? Not near a trusted Wifi network? Turn these features off if you aren’t using them, each one can put a drain on your battery that is completely unnecessary if you aren’t using them.

Adjust Device Auto Lock

Did you know your device can auto lock quicker? There are settings in both iPhone and Android devices that will let you set the auto lock feature to occur quicker, meaning your device will save precious power.

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