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Tips For Keeping Your iPhone Secure

When it comes to using electronic devices such as an iPhone, it is important to make sure you keep everything secure. Neglecting to properly update your iPhone, use strong passwords and enable data protection can put you and your precious information at risk. Today, Cellular Nerd, a cell phone repair shop in the Florida Panhandle is discussing tips for keeping your iPhone safe and secure. In the event you experience problems with your iPhone, feel free to contact Cellular Nerd. We provide iPhone repair services from Miramar Beach to Pensacola Beach and would be happy to come to your rescue.

Keep Your iPhone Updated

You should never ignore a notification that your iPhone has an update. Apple releases new security features and patches existing issues with each update, ensuring your data is more protected. Make sure you go over to Settings and download the latest updates any time they become available.

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Use Strong Passwords

While a 4-digit passcode on your lock screen may help to deter some people, 6-digits or even numbers/letters is a better way to go. Even though it is only 2 extra spaces, this can drastically decrease the risk of someone guessing your password. Many social media platforms and other websites require letters, numbers, symbols, etc. this greatly improves protection.

Enable Data Protection

Want to make sure your data is protected in the event you lose your phone or it gets stolen? Data protection can delete the data on your phone after 10 unsuccessful attempts. This feature can be useful for those that lose their phone and want peace of mind that no one can view what was on it.

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