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Free Mobile Apps That Improve Productivity

When it comes to using mobile devices such as iPhones or other cell phones, we often use them to waste a lot of our time. These tiny machines are capable of a whole lot more than taking pictures and liking other things on social media. These devices can help us stay on task and productive as well, the trick is picking the right applications for your life and device. Today, Cellular Nerd, a local cell phone repair shop in Navarre, Florida, is covering free mobile apps that can improve your productivity. If you have any questions or know of any apps we should add to our list, please reach out and let us know.

Todoist (Free on Android, iOS)

Feel like you have a million things to do each day? Keep forgetting important tasks? With Todoist users can color-code tasks, share projects with others, use productivity graphs and so much more. Todist is a perfect app for anyone interested in staying on task and getting things done.

Google Docs (Free on Android, iOS)

Want to access your documents from anywhere? Tired of losing your work due to Microsoft Word? With Google Docs, you can edit, share and create content from anywhere using your mobile device. Google Docs also syncs with your computer, tablet and other devices. Allowing you to access your important information on the go.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free on Android, iOS)

Tired of not being able to view or sign PDF documents while you are on the go? With Adobe Acrobat Reader you can view your important documents from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. No more having to wait to hop on a computer, run your office from anywhere.

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