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Protecting Your iPhone at The Beach

Although iPhones and mobile devices in general are getting better at staying protected, that isn’t to say your device is safe anywhere. The beach may be a wonderful place to enjoy the sun, but it can also be quite a hazard to your iPhone, iPad or any other device. At Cellular Nerd, we often see the aftermath of not properly protecting your device while enjoying the beach and are proud to offer a wide range of iPhone repair services for any of your needs. Managed to damage your iPhone while at the beach? Not to worry, Cellular Nerd provides onsite repairs from Miramar Beach to Pensacola Beach, simply schedule an appointment and we’ll come right to your rescue!

Keep Your iPhone Out of Direct Sunlight

Did you know that it is actually quite easy for your iPhone or device to overheat, especially when exposed to the extreme heats we experience here in the Florida Panhandle? We always recommend keeping your device out of direct sunlight, placing it in a bag, cooler or even under a shirt. In the event your phone begins to overheat, you should see a warning notification on your screen. Try turning your device off or placing it in airplane mode, then moving it to a more shaded/cool area.

Don’t Place Your iPhone Directly on the Ground

When it comes to the heat in Florida, the ground can be quite horrific. Along with avoiding direct sunlight, we recommend never placing your phone on the ground/sand. This can quickly increase the temperature of your device, making it at risk for overheating.

Avoid Graphic/Hardware Heavy iPhone Apps

Anything that uses a lot of power on your iPhone or device can also easily add to the heat. We recommend avoiding any games or applications that are graphic or hardware intensive. You are at the beach to relax and disconnect anyway, right?

Use Your iPhone Dust Plugs

Those nifty little dust plugs can actually come in handy when at the beach. We recommend always closing any ports that sand could become stuck in. It is also recommended to make sure you are using a screen protector or heavy duty case. This can protect your screen and device from becoming damaged by the fine particles of sand.

Keep Your iPhone Dry

While fresh/tap water can easily start the corrosion process on your device, sea/salt water is even worse. It can cause corrosion extremely quickly, making it impossible to properly charge your device. We recommend keeping your phone away from the water as much as possible and always bringing your device to the beach in an approved waterproof case.

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