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Selecting The Right iPhone For Your Needs (Part 2)

Last blog we started the discussion of selecting the right iPhone for your specific needs and wants, detailing the specs of each latest iPhone device. This blog we’ll be comparing each device based upon their best features. If you have any more questions about iPhone devices or think you need iPhone repair in the Florida Panhandle, feel free to reach out to Cellular Nerd, we would be more than happy to come to your rescue!

Comparing iPhone Devices

The iPhone SE is the newest, most affordable Apple device available on the market, however, it is missing an impressive display. The iPhone XR is an entry-level device, however, has the oldest core hardware of all the current iPhones. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most expensive Apple device currently on the market and boasts a 6.5-inch OLED display. The iPhone 11 Pro has the same hardware as the iPhone 11, however, it offers a more premium build. The iPhone 11 is the base model of the most recent range of Apple devices.

As you can see, each device has different features that make them worth purchasing. Apple now has a range of devices in different price points, ensuring that more people have access to their devices.

If you are in the market for a new device but want to keep things as cheap as possible, we recommend the iPhone SE, it is packed with nice features and allows you to own an Apple device without breaking the bank. If money isn’t that big of a deal, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is your best bet, you’ll get the best features currently available. The other models have wonderful features in different price ranges depending upon your exact needs and budget.

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